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EHR Incentive Programs; What should a provider do in 2016 if they did not previously intend to report to a public health reporting measure that was previously a menu measure in Stage 2 and they do not have the necessary software in CEHRT or the interface the registry requires available in their health IT systems? What if the software is potentially available but there is a significant cost to connect to the interface?

In the 2015 EHR Incentive Programs Final Rule, we stated that we did not intend for providers to be inadvertently penalized for changes to their systems or reporting made necessary by the provisions of that regulation. This included alternate exclusions for providers for certain measures in 2016 which might require the acquisition of additional technologies they did not previously have for measures they did not previously intend to include in their activities for meaningful use (80 FR 62945).Therefore, in order that providers are not held accountable to obtain and implement new or additional systems, we will allow providers to claim an alternate exclusion from certain public health reporting measures in 2016 if they did not previously intend to report to the Stage 2 menu measure. 

LIST OF MEASURES FOR EPs WHICH WOULD ALLOW AN ALTERNATE EXCLUSION: Public Health Reporting measure 2 (Syndromic surveillance) and measure 3 (specialized registry).
LIST OF MEASURES FOR EHs WHICH WOULD ALLOW AN ALTERNATE EXCLUSION Public Health Reporting measure 3 (specialized registry)

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