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If an eligible professional (EP) in the Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs is part of a group practice that has achieved ongoing submission to a public health agency (PHA), but the EP himself/herself did not administer any immunizations to any of the populations for which data is collected by their jurisdiction's immunization registry during their EHR reporting period, can he/she attest to meeting the measure since they are part of the group practice that is submitting data to the registry?

If a provider does not administer immunizations, they should not attest to the measure; they must claim the exclusion. If a provider does administer immunizations, but did not have any for a particular EHR reporting period, they are not required to claim the exclusion as long as they have done any necessary registration and testing and are reporting when they do have the data to report. Created on 3/5/2015 Updated on 9/30/2015

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