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What is meant by "unique" patients or events in the Physician Quality Reporting System(PQRS)?

For individual eligible professionals (EPs) participating in PQRS, unique is in the context of registry-based submission of 20 different patients or procedures for a Measures Group 20-patient sample option. For example, the same patient undergoing a procedure on two different days could each count for the Perioperative Measures Group. If, however, an individual EP is part of a group practice not participating via the group practice reporting option (GPRO) but is reporting individually: If Dr. A sees patient 1 today and reports quality measures data on him/her and then Dr. B sees the same patient a week later, each doctor could report on that patient if they are reporting on an individual basis and on the same Measures Group. If an individual EP does not have a minimum of 20 unique Medicare Part B fee for service (FFS) patients (or procedures) who meet patient sample criteria for the measures group, the individual EP would not meet the requirements for this mechanism and should choose another measures group or another reporting mechanism.

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