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[EHR Incentive Programs] Are there any changes in the EHR Incentive Programs Stage 2 Rule to the base year for the Medicaid hospital incentive payment calculation?

Yes. Previously Medicaid eligible hospitals calculated the base year using a 12 month period ending in the Federal fiscal year before the hospital's fiscal year that serves as the first payment year.  In an effort to encourage timely participation in the program, ยง495.310(g)(1)(i)(B) of the Stage 2 Rule was amended to allow hospitals to use the most recent continuous 12 month period for which data are available prior to the payment year. This change went into effect upon publication of the Stage 2 Rule.  Only hospitals that begin participation in the program after the publication date of the Stage 2 Rule (i.e., program years 2013 and later) will be affected by this change.  Hospitals that began participation in the program prior to the Stage 2 Rule will not have to adjust previous calculations.

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