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If Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology is not yet certified to the clinical quality measure (CQM) criteria (45 CFR 170.314(c)(1) through (3)), can the EHR technology be tested and certified to only the newest available version of the CQM specifications or must it be tested and certified to the December 2012 specifications (first or as well)?

Yes, EHR technology may be presented for testing and certification to only newest CQM specifications. We strongly encourage EHR technology developers to test and certify to the newest CQMs specifications as they become available since those updates include new codes, logic corrections and clarifications. In addition, other CMS programs (beyond the EHR Incentive Programs) and other private sector programs generally update CQMs on an annual basis. Updating EHR technology to the newest CQM version specifications enables providers to participate and report in those other programs for which they are eligible as well. Please see FAQ 8896 and 8898 for additional information pertaining to the relationship between EHR certification and the CQM specification updates. For more information on CQM specifications, please visit: For more information on ONC Health Information Technology (HIT) Certification, please visit: Created 7/16/2013 Updated on 8/04/2017

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