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Is a physician located outside of the United States considered a physician covered recipient for purposes of Open Payments?

If a physician maintains a current state license to practice medicine in any state in the United States, the physician will be considered a covered recipient for purposes of Open Payments. Within Open Payments, the term “physician” has the same meaning as under Section 1861(r) of the Social Security Act, which generally includes doctors of medicine, osteopathy, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists and chiropractors who are legally authorized to practice by a state. A current state license would render the physician “legally authorized” to practice medicine, regardless of the extent to which they do so. Therefore, a physician who maintains an active license to practice in the United States would be considered a covered recipient, and payments made to such a person would have to be reported, even for services rendered (such as speaking at a public seminar) outside of the U.S. An exception to this covered recipient classification is when a physician is a bona fide employee of an applicable manufacturer that is required to submit reporting information under subsection (a) of Section 1128G of the Social Security Act.

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