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Is a contract research organization (CRO) that performs clinical trials according to protocols for pharmaceutical companies required to report a budgeted amount contracted for medical safety, which is performed by the CRO’s employed physician?

A CRO that is not an applicable manufacturer is not required to report information under Open Payments. However, an applicable manufacturer providing a payment that meets the definition of research, as defined at 42 C.F.R. § 403.902, to a CRO which is ultimately paid in whole or in part to a covered recipient (physician or teaching hospital), is required to report, as outlined in §403.904(f), the name of the research institution, individual or entity receiving the payment, total amount of the research payment, name of the research study, names of any related covered drugs, devices, biological, or medical supplies, and information about each physician covered recipient principal investigator. The research agreement may include an unbroken chain of agreements as long as they link the applicable manufacturer with the recipient. If the employee of a CRO who is conducting medical safety for clinical trials for a research study is also a physician covered recipient principal investigator then information regarding the physician is required to be reported by the applicable manufacturer under Open Payments.

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