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By Topic: Medicare - Medicare Contracting

Who are the current Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) for each Jurisdiction?
To find the current MACs and their contact information visit the website at: ... (more)

How did Medicare Contracting Reform affect Medicare providers and Medicare beneficiaries?
As a result of Medicare Contracting Reform, both providers and beneficiaries now have a single po... (more)

What were the key changes implemented with Medicare Contracting Reform?
As CMS implemented Medicare Contracting Reform, it ensured that changes were man... (more)

What was the impact of Medicare Contracting Reform on the Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) program?
Under Medicare Contracting Reform, CMS was able to improve and modernize Medicare FFS claims pr... (more)

When will CMS finish assigning all providers to their designated geographical A/B Medicare Administrative C...
CMS has not set a timetable to move all out-of-jurisdiction providers to their designated geographic... (more)

Will CMS finish the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Jurisdiction consolidation plan, combining Jur...
Originally CMS planned to implement 15 A/B MACs across the country, but later changed its strategy t... (more)

What will be the impact of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015 on Medicare Fee-for...
The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) enacted on April 16, 2015, included languag... (more)