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How will Part D Plans be able to crosswalk a beneficiary's Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) and Medicar...
To assist Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) and Part D sponsors with the ability to determine or match their benef... (more)

When will the Plans receive an "initial" (one time only) HICN to MBI Crosswalk file for past and present me...
The HICN to MBI Crosswalk file will be issued in April, 2018.... (more)

What is the timeline for the use of HICN or the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) when searching fo...
During the New Medicare Card Project transition period beginning April 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019, MARx will acce... (more)

How many Transaction Reply Code (TRC) 121s can a Plan receive?
When a new enrollment is processed, the Plan receives one (1) TRC 121 for each o... (more)

Can a beneficiary search be performed in MARx without the HICN?
The beneficiary's name, date of birth, gender and contract number must all be entered together for the HICN to be locate... (more)

What is the new name for the Coordination of Benefits Department?
Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center - BCRC.... (more)

How can Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) data be updated in MARx?
The Plan can submit Coordination of Benefits (COB) updates via the Electronic Correspondence Referral System (ECRS). The... (more)

My colleagues regularly receive e-mail notifications from the MAPD Help Desk. How can I get added to the e-...
The MAPD Help Desk Plan Communication list is comprised of EIDM Users. To get ad... (more)

If I have a MARX account with a different employer, will I need to create a new account for my new employer?
You do not need to create an account for your new organization. You will need to contact the MAPD Help Desk for assistan... (more)

Where can a Plan find Low Income Subsidy (LIS) data for a beneficiary other than the Daily Transaction Repl...
Batch Completion Status Summary (BCSS): This report is in response to Plan- submitted transactions. Because it i... (more)

When a beneficiary is assessed at the end of their hospice Status Period and determined ineligible for a ne...
When CMS receives a hospice election with a termination date, the DTRR will report TRC 071 and Fields 18 & 24 will b... (more)

If a beneficiary is disenrolled from a Part D or an MAPD Plan due to and incorrect date of death or incorre...
If the beneficiary is disenrolled from the Part D or MAPD Plan incorrectly due t... (more)

What is a Transaction Reply Code (TRC) 121?
TRC 121 reports a period of time during which the beneficiary has specific Low I... (more)

How do I change my Plan’s connectivity method?
To change your connectivity method, a representative from the Plan will need to update the Plan Connectivity Data (PCD) ... (more)

When the MARx UI is in Read-Only Mode and files are being held for processing, does this affect the BEQ Res...
No, BEQ Response Files are processed through the MBD and processing is not impacted by MARx availability... (more)

If a beneficiary is losing their Low Income Subsidy (LIS) status by the end of the year, where can a Plan f...
Loss of Subsidy Files are sent in December for those beneficiaries losing LIS st... (more)

When does a Plan receive Low Income Subsidy (LIS) information and how?
The Daily Transaction Reply Report (DTRR) provides full replacement LIS profiles... (more)

What is a Transaction Reply Code (TRC) 223?
TRC 223 reports a period of time during which the beneficiary was previously rep... (more)

Why can't a MARx user find a beneficiary using the M201 Find screen when trying to verify member information?
Only users with access to the contract of the current enroll... (more)

What should I do if I receive a blank page when submitting my annual recertification?
The Annual Certification page will display with the followin... (more)

What does it mean when the Hospice Health Flag is "N"?
When a beneficiary’s hospice Health Status Flag is "N", it indicates beneficiary is not in an active hospice status. H... (more)

What is the email address to send questions related to the implementation of the New Medicare Card Project ...
Questions can be sent to the email address of MARXSSNRI@cms.... (more)

Which Transaction Reply Codes (TRCs) would a Plan receive for Low Income Subsidy (LIS) changes?
An ensemble composed of one or more of TRCs 121, 194, and 223 represents full re... (more)

The Part C Premium is not correct for the beneficiary; the Plan has submitted a Transaction Code (TC) 78 to...
TC 78 will not retroactively change a premium amount. Please contact the MAPD Help Desk for assistance with this change.... (more)

How can an enrollment be reinstated after a correction to the entitlement has been made?
If CMS actions occurred within the last 45 days to correct t... (more)

What would cause the beneficiary's Medicaid status to change?
A beneficiary's Medicaid status changes when CMS receives updates from the State... (more)

Why can I not see the complete enrollment history on the Eligibility (M232) screen for a beneficiary that w...
The M232 Eligibility screen will display the contract/Plan Benefit Package (PBP) information for only the current enroll... (more)

Will a TRC 213 be issued in cases where the Plan Premium plus any Retroactive Late Enrollment Penalty excee...
Yes, a TRC 213 will be issued in these cases.... (more)

What are the circumstances of when a Plan would receive a Transaction Reply Code (TRC) 223?
An existing Low Income Subsidy (LIS) period is removed or shortened.An end date is added to an open... (more)

Where can a Plan find the definition of Transaction Reply Code (TRC) 121, 194 and 223?
In the Plan Communications Users Guide Appendices - Section I.2 ... (more)

If a Plan needs to update a member's enrollment in MARx, but the contract is terminated, how can the Plan m...
The Plan should contact their assigned CMS Account Manager for assistance. If an Account Manager is no longer assigned t... (more)

Why are Plans receiving a TRC 223 for a  member, but there is no LIS Audit showing in MARx?
This is a known issue that was resolved with a software fix ... (more)

A beneficiary's PPO effective date is incorrect on the MARx Premium View Screen, but is correct everywhere ...
MARx Premium View Screen had a issue where dates were out of... (more)

If a beneficiary is disenrolled from a Part D or an MAPD Plan due to and incorrect date of death or incorre...
If the beneficiary is disenrolled from the Part D or MAPD Plan incorrectly due to date of death or entitlement classific... (more)

When can Plans expect to receive the 2016 Final RAS Reconciliation which usually occurs on the July 2017 pa...
CMS has not calculated payment for the 2016 Final RAS Reconciliation.  Once... (more)

Why does a beneficiary's Part D eligibility date not match the Part A entitlement date when Part A is updat...
While Part A entitlement dates can be processed for retroactive dates, Part D cannot. When Part D is entered, the earlie... (more)

What is the process if the Plan wants to submit routing changes?
The Plan must update the PCD Module in HPMS and then email a... (more)

In the Daily Transaction Reply Report (DTRR), which fields are associated with a TRC121?
The DTRR provides the following characteristics of the Low Income Subsidy (LIS) period: Low-income Subsidy S... (more)