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By Topic: Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data Subtopic: Inpatient/Outpatient

Who pays the difference between what the provider charges and Medicare pays?
The provider has an ... (more)

In the Inpatient and Outpatient Charge Data, what is the difference between “Average Charges” and “Av...
“Average Charges” refers to what the... (more)

Are the inpatient and outpatient charge data available for any additional APCs or DRGs?
Beginning with FY201... (more)

Is it possible to obtain a list of hospitals classified as teaching and non-teaching by CMS?
CMS has established a list of teaching hospitals (hospitals ... (more)

In the context of the inpatient charge data, what does a discharge mean?
The total discharges indicate the number of beneficiaries wh... (more)

Are any of the data suppressed in the inpatient and outpatient charge data?
Data was suppressed if the provider had 10 or fewer outpatie... (more)