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By Topic: Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data Subtopic: Skilled Nursing Facilities

Who pays the difference between what the provider charges and Medicare pays?
The provider has an ... (more)

What is the difference between “Total Charges” and “Total Payments”?
“Total Charges” ... (more)

How is therapy minutes defined on the “Therapy” table in the Skilled Nursing Facility PUF?
... (more)

What is the difference between “Medicare Payment Amount” and “Medicare Standard Payment Amount” in ...
... (more)

How are averages calculated for the “Average Charge Amount”, “Average Allowed Amount”, “Average P...
... (more)

Does the Skilled Nursing Facility PUF contain information for beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage or Medicaid?
... (more)

If I publish findings from the Skilled Nursing Facility PUF in medical journals do I need to obtain permiss...
... (more)

Can “Distinct Beneficiaries” be summed across providers or RUGs for a total count of distinct skilled n...
No, beneficiaries ca... (more)

Are any of the data suppressed in the Skilled Nursing Facility PUF data?
Data was suppressed ... (more)

What are the definitions for the “Total Stays” and “Distinct Beneficiaries” variables in the Skille...
... (more)

Can a beneficiary be listed in more than one chronic condition indicator per row?
Yes, a beneficiary may have multiple chronic conditions and may be listed in mor... (more)

Why is “Total Stays” only included on the Provider table but not the other tables in the Skilled Nursin...
“Total Stays” is only included on th... (more)